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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Corporate Interests Dumbing Down Elementary Students

I just heard a disturbing story from a friend. Her fifth grade daughter in public school is really upset by a PowerPoint presentation due soon.

I'm guessing that my job choice of software engineering has meant more hours than the average person banging my head trying to get the *#&%!! computer to do what it is supposed to, I mean, what I want it to do. But this happened much later than childhood for me.

When I look back to fifth grade, I think of playing dominoes and Spades. I remember building tent cities and swimming and riding my bike really fast down the street. This poor girl is going to remember hours spent frustrated by PowerPoint. What a waste!

I want my children to be creative, caring, responsible, rational & intelligent. I want them to be good communicators and problem solvers, courageous enough to speak their minds, and well grounded. None of these goals would be furthered by learning how to manipulate PowerPoint.

For anyone interested in computers and childhood, here is an excellent report from a group called the Alliance for Childhood:

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