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Friday, December 30, 2005 

Joseph Ratzinger participated in the cover-up

The AP headline: Judge Dismisses Pope From Sex-Abuse Suit.

When Pope John Paul II died last year, I read every news story I could find, to see if there was more information on how much he did or didn't know about the extent his priests were molesting little children or the equally horrific cover up (like transferring pedophile priests around to 'solve' the problem). The best I could find was a wimpy "well, he was pretty sickly towards the end, y'know?" even though I knew he friggin' promoted Cardinal Law to a spot conveniently far away from the Massachusetts AG reach.

But, back to the new pope, Benedict XVI. He's not named in the above suit, not because he wasn't helping with the cover-up, but because he's "head of a foreign state." How nice for him.

If our own head of state can be hauled into court for personal lawsuits, why should foreign princes and potentates enjoy greater protection? This is saying that because he is pope, he can do whatever the hell he wants and not be held accountable for it. It's not right. It's almost like my father telling me as a child that we don't have the right to question god for the horrendous things he allows.

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