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Friday, December 30, 2005 

Modern day Three Kings

Three Mormons visited yesterday. In winter, our front walk has a skinny little platform over the rocks up to the front door, so when I saw three nicely dressed women perching on it, balancing in an earnest little row, I was prepared.

"I would be happy to read your literature if you would read this," handing over my copy of Under the Banner of Heaven. "I know this is mostly concerned with the fundamentalist Mormons, but it also lays out the history of the beginnings of Mormonism. Pass it on when you're done."

Actually, I thought of that later; Jason Bourne I am not. I just stopped her before she got far with a "sorry, we aren't Mormon. Thanks anyway!" I'm too cheap to give away a book to be trashed, anyway.

I'm guessing they wanted to cluster at the door, but didn't have the option due to the slushy snow. The platform was designed to help with shovelling and to be used one at a time. These three looked truly hilarious as they had to carefully turn around to walk away.

Three? I thought they traveled in pairs. Are you sure they weren't J.W.'s, or even government spies?

We don't have door knockers anymore since New Lenox OUTLAWED door knocking for any reason without a permit! :-D

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