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Monday, December 19, 2005 

o'reilly's warriors: any way to give them a clue?

I was volunteering at a holiday light park recently (a school fundraiser), directing traffic with a battery powered torch. As a group walked past me to get to their cars, they started talking really loudly about how disappointed they were that there was no manger, Jesus and Mary, how disappointing "because that's what Christmas is all about." Pause. I ignore them. So, they kept whining, gnashing teeth and moaning like Jacob Marley's ghost. Whatever. Santa Claus and Rudolph, candy canes and winter scenes were not good enough for them.

A few minutes later, obviously I recognized the obnoxious woman as she leaned out of her car to ask if there was a restaurant nearby. "Yeah, that way," I said, not very excitedly. "Well, is it any good?" "Yeah, it'll be fine for you," I replied. She must have thought I was weird.

It was the best I could manage because I was calculating pros & cons of saying what I was really thinking, "Would you be disappointed if they don't serve you Christian food?"

I didn't say it. I'm a wimp, yup, but I also didn't think that would unlock & release the mean thoughts bill planted in their heads.

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You're right! It would have done no good... All it would have resulted in is some kind of argument or harsh words. It's amazing... To watch our country divide like this.

It would be nice if people would be satisfied keeping their mangers and their religions in the churches. It's always the christians too. When do you ever see Buddhists, Hindis, Muslims, Taoists, whatever talking loudly about their religions?? But too many Xians have to act like their way is the only way. It's annoying.

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