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Sunday, December 18, 2005 

Why are churches tax exempt?

Why are churches tax exempt again? Every church in my town means no property taxes are paid on that property, which increases the tax rate on everyone else. I financially support institutions that:
1) molest children and don't seem to care
2) sexually mutilate children and defend their 'right' to do so
3) practice mind control & marry off child brides (LDS and FLDS)
4) destroy the environment (fundies)
5) etc etc!

A group called the Christian Law Association has its Top Ten list of why churches should remain exempt. Actually, I don't know about the first issue (the historical reason why churches aren't taxed), but the rest are hysterical, like #2: help people 'make sense of life', for example, by telling people that if they don't do as they say, they are going to burn in hell! Another group at hushmoney.org has a picture of a gagged priest because he can't 'advance the cause of one candidate.' OHHHHHH boy.

During the runoff presidential election (early 2003), there were news articles about churches promoting the God Warrior himself, George W. As far as I can determine, there was no backlash against this. And now recent news articles have been coming out showing how the IRS is going after churches for saying things like 'war is not good.'

This is the kind of country we live in now, and I don't understand how it could have come to this.

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