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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Alan Alda; the Chumscrubbers

I recently finished Hawkeye's latest book Never Have Your Dog Stuffed : And Other Things I've Learned. Alda describes turning to Catholicism to counterbalance his life with his mentally ill mother (with a Close Encounter with Brother Jacob (shudder)). He then questions, questions, questions ("why do we have to bow our heads before the host?") but doesn't draw the conclusions. You'll still like Alda, but as one amazon reviewer said, "he keeps you at arm's length." If he were a little older, I bet he'd have just said what he thinks.

I hesitate to link this in (no knowledge before watching a movie is GOOD) but make The Chumscrubber your next netflix pick. I almost missed it because the name made me think about cleaning fishheads, please just ignore the name. Great actors, great performances, hilarious, my kind of cynical / strange movie. Great 80's look to the two teens. No atheist issues, think: family dynamics.

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I'm going to look more into this when I get home. from our trip....Interesting!

I have ordered the Alda book. I read the reviews and they were pretty good, though they said it wasn't real in-depth about his life. I like Alda as an actor and writer.

I will try to see The Chumscrubber as well.

By the way...I am back. :-)

My husband and I just watched Chumscrubbers tonight and I think it was a great movie. I like movies with a message and that make one think. Parents too wrapped up in what they are doing to pay attention to their children and don't even know that they are off doing...one couple never even realizes their thirteen year old son is missing for DAYS. Then people trying to "numb" themselves with drugs, numb their kids with drugs instead of giving them the attention they need.
I think this film should have gotten a higher rating than it did.

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