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Saturday, January 14, 2006 

Go, BigHeathenMike

I had to pull this recent quote out of BigHeathenMike's blog:
What is so scary about ideas? This guy [a freak on Wa-Wa's Heaven special] sounds like those dipshits in the States like Fred Phelps who hate homosexuals so much they picket the funerals of gays. What are they afraid of? Is being an atheist or a homosexual so attractive to people that even exposure to the ideals or lifestyle will instantly convert a Muslim away from their grovelling or a Southern Baptist to sodomy and raves? Is the way of life for a Muslim so horrible and unfulfilling that being around an atheist would crumble their view of the world and cause them to renounce their faith in favour of godless heathenism and the betterment of the lives of his/her family, friends, and community?

"What are they afraid of?" They are afraid of their own doubts. We atheists, agnostics, and homosexuals, etc. threaten their fantasies of their ideal world, and also...people fear what they do not understand.

Fundamentalism is very insecure because it rests on such shaky ground.

Look, if you know of any professing Christians actually gloating over the grave of a homosexual, or any other "vial" person who doesn't fit their mold, then I'd be really questioning whether or not they are actually a follower of Christ, i.e. Christian.

I get the feeling that Christ would have a hard time swallowing that kind of "Chrisitanity"

marcguyver, I'm so glad to hear you say that. Many people interpret a few select passages in the bible to give them the right to be homophobic; the bible who many people feel has the larger themes of peace & social justice.

I picked out BigHeathenMike's quote because he was talking about atheism. Some people recoil in horror towards atheists in the same way they do gays.

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