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Saturday, January 21, 2006 

I changed the name!

As I wrote in my first post, I have less than normal time to try to publish my thoughts.

I wanted to use a TLA similar to BJU for the previous post, I was trying out BLU, but didn't like that, and couldn't think of anything else except FLU. Meanwhile, my baby kept waking up, so there I was, literally running up and down the stairs every ten minutes, burning to get the post out, but not able to concentrate. So I published, cuddled my little guy, then figured out what I should say...

So, my commentary came out harsher than I wanted (than I feel), and I couldn't fix it until now!

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  • I'm the freethoughtmom from New England. Welcome!
  • The word rational means having the ability to reason. Reasoning takes time. Giving yourself the space to think is practically a luxury in our society.

    My father is a logical engineer, my mother a caring nurturer. My handwriting with my dominate hand resembles that of my father, the other, my mother. I feel lucky to have both sides to draw from.
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