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Friday, January 20, 2006 

Introducing TRU

Recently, I've been in discussions with 3 or 4 folks affiliated in some way with BJU (Bob Jones University). I found, to my surprise, that none of these folks could identify what it is about Pat Robertson that makes everyone cringe. The answer I thought was clear: Pat Robertson spews HATE. So what is it about attending BJU that makes this so hard to understand?

Instead of spending a gazillion dollars at BJU, why not come to my newly formed program at TRU: The Real University?

We will study a code of ethics to guide one through life ("Treat others the way you want them to treat you. Take care of them.") There are no other rules. You will be expected to apply this rule.

We will have one book, The Three Questions. You are expected to read this book.

We will have guest lectures from incredible people from all walks of life.

We will have no exams. Paper topics will examine the aspects of religion that make it hard to apply the code of ethics.

All for one low tuition bill! Stop wasting your money and apply today!

Updated 21jan06 to rename my university. Always willing to serve you!

Freethought Mom, I think you're over-simplifying. Everyone cringes when Pat Robertson speaks for a confluence of reasons:
1. He mistakes his ideas for God's.
2. He claims to speak for a large group of (religious) people.
3. The media think he does speak for those people.
4. He's an idiot.

I don't think "spewing hate" would be sufficient for us to pay him any attention. Lots of people spew hate, and we just ignore them.

Of course I'm another benighted BJU graduate, so you'd expect me to say something like that, wouldn't you?

But Robertson HAS FAITH that his ideas ARE his god's. He DOES speak for a large group of religious people. If he didn't have a following he would not still have his own television program. If he were not influential to a large group of people he would not have any media attention at all. We cannot ignore someone who has that much influence.

filosofo, thanks for reading! I don't know anything about BJU except that I think it isn't a secular institution. Everyone I've "talked" to so far has been very articulate. But, I just thought that someone who had more of a religious bend should see hate for what it is, very clearly. You think I'm oversimplifying, I think it is the issue.

I think reason #1 above leads to confusion. How do you know he isn't mistaken in his ideas? How do you know when someone IS speaking for your god? What do the people who watch him think? (Do they notice the hate?)

So many questions, so little time!

>we will have no exams

Grades will be based upon how you live your life.

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