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Monday, January 09, 2006 

No Small Mission

After I realized that I was atheist, that is "without belief", I spent a long time contemplating the world from my new vantage point. One thing I thought about was all the needless suffering of children everywhere caused by nothing but side effects of people's hyperactive imaginations. Could I just ignore this pain and live my life, or, as vjack recently wrote, should I be promoting human welfare? Hey, let me at it, what can I do to make children's lives better?

I wondered if I should start Yet Another Atheist Blog (YAAB). I hesitated for so long, because every time I jumped on the web, I learned something new. What about forums? I lurked on a few, and Lya recently reported on her excursion into Christian forum-land. What about on the street? I'm still working on that.

My passion is about healthy children, although I haven't written too much about this topic yet, it's coming, as I first jot down a few more thoughts swirling in my brain.

I feel a deep sense of gratitute for those who first started this climb, against the popular direction. This blog happens because I can draft those brave ones. Thanks to you!

For starters, raising your own kids without religion and to be free-thinkers is a big contribution to the world. Parental example is the primary way children learn ideals, morals and respect for others. They also carry through life what you teach them, though it may at times you may wonder if they remember anything. :-)

I am finding that it isn't easy to just be an atheist, since there seems to be as much division and disagreement between the atheist community as there is between atheists and christians. It's like people just have to argue and fight no matter what! Even when we all call ourselves the same thing, people seem to divide into smaller groups inside of the larger groups and one group wants the upper hand all the time. How do we deal with that? I am still trying to figure that out...

I know exactly what you're saying.
I agree with Stardust. Raising freethinkers is probably one of the biggest contributions we can make to the world.
But it's hard. Sometimes I feel so strong in my beliefs and ways, and other times I feel so defeated and feel that there is really no point in even having an opinion. I think that's one reason I was away from my blog for so long. I was starting to think, what's the point?
Anyway, there is a point, and that point is our children.
Keep it up sister! :-)

There's a lot of us out here, kicking around and being happy without any weirdy beliefs. Like the old INXS song says, "We could stop the world, let off all the fools, and let 'em go live with their guns in the sky." Sadly, we're going to have to replace "guns" with "backpack bombs".

However, there's tons of hope and a mountain of support - and you have a great blog! Thanks for the read!

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