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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Some (recent) favorite posts

I just want to point out two articles that I haven't stopped thinking about for the past week or so -- Lya's great post about the Shabbat, ie the Sabbath. Reading it, for an overtired mom with a young family, is like seeing a picture of some yummy chocolate pudding that isn't in front of me. I started reading the link she supplied, because if I had a day off, could I consider making cookies with my kids a hobby? So far, I get the idea that it would be verboten.

I also like A Rational Being's well written summary on a book about Bush he was reading. I'm having to deal in the periphery with an alcoholic only recently in life, but it has opened my eyes to what "being an alcoholic" really means, like destroying everything around you. In this case, it's just a family to destroy, for Bush, it's the world (insert evil 'heee hee hee' noise).

Sorry to hear you have to deal with an alcoholic. Yes it's quite frustrating when there is lots of dysfunction around.

See if you can catch yourself "bowing to " the disfuction. That is, are you changing your behavior to accomodate the addict? You'll be surprised... (in fact, you've sparked an idea, I'll use this as the subject of an upcoming post on raising a bi-polar child... Thanks, ARB

On the topic of baking cookies on Sabbath. If you were an observant Jew, it would be forbidden.

But, you're not. The point isn't to follow the religious ritual, but to use the basic premise and create something of you own.

As atheists, we don't have traditions. It's up to us to create our own individually.

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