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Sunday, January 01, 2006 

Why Religiosity Matters to All

How could religion be harmful to humanity? Here's one reason. Send me an email finishing this story. I won't spam you, but I'll send a short response, and that's all. (By the way, I can't get online every day, so it might take me a few days, I'm sorry.)

Your new neighbor doesn't scare you. He reminds you a bit of the fifth grade bully in your class, the one that picked on the first graders. It's his stepson that you are a bit worried about, because he always walks around looking exhausted with dark circles under his eyes. You are always kind towards the son, but he never says anything to you.

Dog on the leash, you tie on your running shoes for a brisk walk to the store. As you walk by the neighbor's house, you hear a commotion and look through a screen door. There, in front of you, you see the boy about to be raped by his stepdad. The dad has his back to you, but the boy is half turned, screaming and crying, begging for help. Your heart is thumping. Your cell phone is in your back pocket, a baseball bat is on the ground, your dog is leaning forward. You ...

email me at freethoughtmom@gmail.com

As I wrote in my email, I would have dialed 911, picked up the baseball bat, started yelling to the asshole dad to distract him from the kid and keep a hold of my dog...and would use the baseball hat if I needed to.
Now you can post your answer for everyone.

What necessary words... super, a remarkable phrase

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