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Friday, February 24, 2006 

Examining a debate

I think I have a handle on the frustration in a previous discussion.

Let's say you have a friend really into astrology. Let's say he uses an old book supposedly created by a famous mystic to create horoscopes. The book is a bit cryptic, and a bit "far out", but your friend feels he has the right way of reading it (maybe cross-referencing it with a different translation), so he can create really spot-on horoscopes. He "predicts" things when he's with you, constantly referring to events "because Jupiter is rising" and "your moon sign is in Sagittarius" etc.

Finally, you push back. "Wait, because Jupiter is on the rise, I am about to come into some money? That doesn't make any sense." But your friend persists, countering every example and reason you give for this to be senseless with another quote from the book. He will read and interpret from the book all day without ever seeing your point that the "evidence" from the book is next to worthless to you.

I've formed this hypothesis from a quote by our loquacious xtian himself: "Likewise, I'm just lending you my understanding of the Bible for your consideration" and everyone else is going, "AHHHHHH! How frustrating!"

For fun, I tried re-reading the conversation substituting "Jupiter is on the rise" for biblical content. I'm not sure what else to do with it, going over it point by point seems, um, pointless.

I should add that I feel everyone has their own take on the bible. If you feel it is important to your life, hey, knock yourself out! I had fun examining what the term "the bible" means, thanks to everyone for listening and your comments.

That is pretty funny re-reading the conversation substituting "Jupiter is on the rise" for biblical content!

You are right though...it is pretty pointless. The horse is dead, as the saying goes.

Enjoy your break from blogland and the cold and enjoy sunny California...wish I was going! I'm jealous!

Some people are experts, others claim to be experts at something but are actually expert deceivers.

I came across this concept in studying human vision. we all have different contexts with which we view the world. If I look at mountains I often see the force of the glaciers which carved them, others will see the flora which covers them, and some will see their poetic potential. All of those views will be real enough.

Now substitute tea leaves in a cup for mountains and I will see a dirty cup but others will see your future in those tea leaves and charge you for the "information". You and I both know the fortune teller is a fraud. The fortune teller may claim to be an entertainer, like a magician but even some magicians claim special powers.

The priest has very real powers, but they are political powers given to them by a powerful church. The astrologer is easier to think about, because he has far less power.


Most people cannot do the above that is why they believe in fortune telling... They are unrealistic about parts of their lives and seek escapism.

a china teapot, I like your take on a priest's powers being political powers.

oobrowneyez, I have never understood those who love fortune telling! :)

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