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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

groan, groan

I see a great discussion going on in my last post, and I haven't even parsed it yet, nor had the time to respond in kind to marc & steven while I see franky has a post that pulls me back to what I really want to talk about (children).

Sweet baby that he is, however, he has given me a cold. I'm handing him over to his father (nothing more sexy than a dad nurturing our little ones!) so I can snooze. Back soon...

Get better soon!

Ah, you too huh? I got it last night, and it seems that my kids have gone from sick, to better to sick again. Get better and enjoy that rest!!

Speaking of kids, I read this article called Raising Humanist Children by by Terri Mandell - HALA Board Member, AHA national board member, Humanist Minister
I think this is more of the topic you want to be on for your blog. It's a great article and I wish I had thought like this when raising our children. She has some very good advice for those who want to raise their kids without religion.

Hey freethoughtmom,
Get well soon. To answer your question, my wife is acatually still in school, but she is going to be working after one more semester. Thanks :)

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