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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

In the dead of winter

This morning, I poured myself my new favorite tea. I'm trying not to think about the beautiful Bird-Of-Paradise blooming in mojoey's front yard and the easy "just pop on a jacket" that Cassandra needs to go to the park. It's a bit depressing, though, because even though it's cold, most of the snow is gone. New England of yesteryear is gone.

And yet, my seed order from Fedco is on the table, ready to plant today. Today?

I'm going to try Trudi's WinterSown method of mini-greenhouses set in the snow. If you have ever seen the destruction a toddler can do in a few minutes, you understand why I'm not considering the indoor method of seed germination.

Fedco's catalogs are a source of info as well as seeds. Which companies grow our seeds? What would have happened had the "Plant Variety Protection Act" been enacted at the dawn of civilization? Should we worry about Monsanto and genetically engineered seed? What can we do about it?

Today, I'm not going to worry about global warming and frankengenes, and just get my hands in the dirt. Hey look, it just started snowing! Wouldn't it be nice if it could just work out in the end?

Thanks for the link to Fedcos...interesting!

My husband was into organic gardening when the kids were small. He was garden obsessed for years! The vegetables he grew were so much better than the ones we now get at the supermarket. I don't have a green thumb and my husband barely has time to cut the grass in the warm-weather months, but I may just start a little garden of tomatoes and a few other veggies come springtime.

And, in response to your rhetorical question "Wouldn't it be nice if it could just work out in the end?" Yes, it would be nice. :-)

Well, there is no "popping" on of the jacket today!! While we're not buried, it's snowing here too. :(
Thanks for the links. I've not heard of the WinterSown method.
Last year we had tomatoes coming out of our ears (way too much) and we just recently ran out of our pickled jalapenos (LOTS from one plant - this year we'll do two).
Oh man, now I'm getting Spring fever!!

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