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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

Misc: Blogger, and TTLB

I feel like such an idiot sometimes! I set blogger to email me when someone comments on the blog, otherwise I'd never figure it out for comments on older posts. Well, just now, I realized that a recent email was marked "From:" that person, and not "noreply-comment@blogger.com" like I usually see. Cool! How did they do that?? A bit of digging, and it seems straightforward. If you have a Blogger account and publish your email, blogger uses your public email address in the From field instead of the noreply one. I'm sure everyone else has figured this out long ago.

So now I have a question: it seems that TTLB (The Truth Laid Bare) only counts inbound links from sites that also have registered with them, anyone know if this is true? Thanks in advance.

About TTBL, here's what it says in the FAQ -

What links does the TTLB Ecosystem count?

All links from a scanned weblog to any other weblog (i.e., links from a weblog to itself are ignored). This includes links within posts, and 'permanent' links in a weblog's blogroll. Remember, however, that the Ecosystem only counts links from blogs that are also registered in the Ecosystem. If you have links coming from a blog that isn't registered, feel free to add it.


Hello, is this Carolyn?
Because i got an email from a noreply-comment@blogger.com about the lazy comment. if it is, i would just like to say thanku very much.
if it is not, lol... then just ignore me!

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