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Saturday, February 18, 2006 

My Trooper at the hospital

My 18 month old tripped and split his forehead open on a sharp corner at a showroom today. Anyone seeing a head injury knows how much blood appears very quickly. I put a hand over it, then my husband took over, took him and applied pressure with tissues, while I went to figure out where we should take him. He stopped crying within a minute, and stopped bleeding within ten minutes, enough that we got a horrible glance at the almost half inch deep gash near his hairline. The ladies at the store had the perfect large band aid that sealed all four sides shut. I picked him up, and we headed to the car.

As a mommy, I could tell exactly what was about to happen. Baby will go into the car fine, my spirited 1st grader is going to get hysterical. Exactly. He gave her his famous "what is she so upset about now?" look, as I thought of a way to calm her down. "Here, squeeze my finger as hard as you can," I said as I twisted my arm to the back seat. "(Hysterical) NO!" "Please? I want to see which hand is stronger." Finally she did, left hand over right, then right over left, and calmed right down. (My cousin used to do that with me, and tease, "are you squeezing? I can barely feel it...")

We had asked the hospital on the phone if they could see him right away. My husband zoomed off with him when we arrived, and I went to check in. It took one hour just to check in. I imagined what was going on with my baby, but felt calm. My trooper lay on the gurney for that hour, snoozed for a bit but looked at my husband and stayed still for the rest of the time. He did cry while they put in the six stitches, but was fine again a few minutes later. If it had been my daughter in there, I can't even imagine the scene!

I got that crystal clear 'in the moment' feeling as I was with my family today.

As I don't believe that there is a post-death reunion, I try very hard to live each day to its fullest. If I make a mistake, I need to fix it, preferably today. If something needs to be said, I need to say it. Tomorrow might be too late, a point brought home anew today. It makes for a full, happy, examined life.

I'm so sorry about your little guy! What a day you all had!

I agree, we need to live life to the fullest each and every day. Hang in there.

This is the hardest part of being a parent. As a parent myself, I can identify with your experience. You never stop worrying about them, but that is the price of loving them.

Oh no!!! I'm glad that everything is ok! You posted in one of my comments that your little one is about the same age as mine. I couldn't imagine my baby getting stitches! :-(

Ah, the joys of motherhood. You love them so much, that they will be the death of you and most likely through a nervous breakdown over all the worries they cause you along the way. lol I wouldnt change a thing about it! I have three kids. 16, 12, and 10.

I think you moms would like a book I just read not too long ago called 'SAHARASIA' the origins of child abuse, sexual oppression and violence. It is based on the psychoanylist(sp?) Wilhem Reich who was slammed by the FDA on his research in womens sexuality and advocated liberating women and their sexuality. Many people wont give his work the time of day because of his theories in 'orgonomy energies' which in a simple word is 'life energy'. Some say it was discredited but that is only cuz they have no idea what they are talking about. All life is a form of energy. Reich was one of the first scientists to recognize it and that it stems from sexuality. After all it is sex that creates new life and when oppressed it causes deadly human behavior. It is also well known that sexual serial killers are sexualy oppressed.

You can search for the book through your search engine by typing the name of the book if you are interested. You wont be disappointed. :)

say no to christ, thanks for the link on the book, from the summary, it looks interesting! If you have any insights into parenting teenagers, please share!

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