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Thursday, March 30, 2006 

Back, I hope

I'm sorry I've been away, my two faithful readers (one??) ...I have no time to blog, but yet I am drawn back here... because I love to write and when do I take the time to do something I love? I think I stopped in part because my "perfectionist" tendencies take over: if I can't write what I think might be an interesting piece, I'd rather not write at all. I'll try to relax and just write less often rather than giving up wholesale, promise.

There's been a slew of interesting news stories, like the study of heart patients being prayed over (guess what happens?), science finding that 666 isn't the number of the beast (try 616), and how Douglas Adams must be turning over in his grave (42 is an important number indeed).

I had a surprise when I took beliefnet's "What's Your Spiritual Type?" quiz [to see what kind of site I was linking to above]. It's got some good questions, like

Q 20. In regards to religion and morality:
1. I think it's impossible to be moral without being religious
2. It's possible but difficult to be moral without reminders from religion
3. It's entirely possible to develop and live by a good moral code without religion
4. Religion makes it harder to be a moral person
If you think I picked answer #4, you'd be correct. The surprise was that I tested 32 out of a range of 25-100: "Spiritual Dabbler: Open to spiritual matters but far from impressed" instead of the lower-scoring "Hardcore Skeptic". How silly is that :)

Glad to see you are back! Missed ya!

That 666 story is interesting. I am going to try to find out more on that subject.

The study of the heart patients and prayer doing no good was also interesting, but not surprising for we atheists, is it? We didn't need to spend large amounts of money to have someone tell us that either! Prayer is just wishful thinking and doesn't make a bit of difference. It's all in the hands of the doctors and other professionals...and also nature itself.

Yay!!! Hey, you can count me as a faithful reader, I've just been a little lazy lately as far as reading blogs goes, and I've just recently gotten back to blogging on my own site after a short break.

I didn't hear about the 666 story. I'll have to look into that one.

Love the new look! Very "clean" looking!

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A dedicated and confirmed agnostic,
I've been called a religious poet, (worse,
I've even been called moderately caustic,
But someone might think that, to read my verse).
It doesn't really mean I'm not religious,
It means I seriously think of it,
A process often sad, often vertigious,
Too often lacking in calm, charm, or wit.
An atheist is also someone thinking
About religious questions, questioning
And worrying that common sense is sinking
In cesspools of deep faith's imaginings.
I'm just surprised your "type" score was so low.
But I'm agnostic, so I wouldn't know.

You have at least 4 dedicated readers! I love your blog - very cool look too.

wow, thanks for the support, and the poem! I love it!!

The test is fundamentally flawed - it presumes monotheism, non-maltheism,

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