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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

The Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist

I'm back from an excellent vacation. Thanks to all who commented while I was gone!

Here's a quick review of the Bible of the Good and Moral Atheist, a 112 page book supported by voluntary contributions, I believe. Page 61 (in pdf, marked page 58 if printed) has a few paragraphs on what for me is the million dollar question: "How should we teach our children about Atheism?" I like the list of Celebrations (page 74), the Reflections though I could do without the amens (starting on page 77), and on page 98 are a list of camps! Cool! Lots of web sites, quotes, and books.

This is awesome! Thank you so much. Great insight for dealing with my husband's religion (page 61 or 58).
Side note: I found a wonderful night time "reflection" the other day:
Good night, sleep tight,
Wake up bright
In the morning light
To do what's right
With all your might.
Variation: Line added between first and second "Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite".
Thanks again.

Welcome back!

Welcome back! I've missed you! Hope your vacation was great!

Glad you're back!!
I read through that "Bible" and was turned off by the Amens too. But there is a lot of good stuff in there!

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