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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

Elvis certainly didn't mean that the Pope would wear his red shoes, somehow I missed the fact that Ratzinger wears red Prada shoes and other sundry, like Gucci sunglasses, that people have donated to him. Wow, doesn't this make him seem like a practical kind of guy, I mean, since you can't take it with you, right? As this anonymous article states:
Do you know how rude it would be for a man of the cloth, the highest authority in all of Christianity, to say, “no thank you, but it wouldn't look good [gifts] because there are so many starving people in the world”? The Pope is in no position to live simply. And thus, he wears these expensive items, which close to 99.9 percent of his
followers can not afford, to remind himself that rich people are God's children too.
So my burning question is, who the heck would donate expensive shoes to the pope? Are they trying to curry favors with their god, or to get better seats at Mass?

In other news, I recently received my copy of the End of Faith AND amphimacer emailed me a link to the Atheist Manifesto on the same day. Coincidence OR NOT??!! :)

As a woman who grew up in a Catholic home, I can tell you that Catholics LOVE the Pope. They not only respect and admire him, they LOVE him, so I would imagine that the majority of people who give things to the Pope do it out of a desire to show their love to him.

maybe elvis was a prophet, and in order to fulfill the red shoe prophecy, in a cosmic sense, the pope has no choice but to wear the red pradas.

Yes, let's not make vapid accussations based on some shoes the Pope wears. Remember that John Paul II always had scrubby shoes (until perhaps someone donated them)? Had I thought you were "innocently ignorant" in your comments, I would have simply stated that you were overthinking a shallow thing like a pair of shoes (do you think the Pope splurges on this crap like the metrosexuals that surround us?). But since it is clear that you have a major bent to your point of view, enough to keep a blog of it instead of just refraining from putting stock into something, it becomes clear that this is nothing more than a cheap shot, perhaps out of boredom. Get a hobby.

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