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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

This will clarify it

How Did Jesus Walk On Water?

Jesus did a lot of miracles. We don't know how he did them. Jesus is God, so he can do anything. Walking on the water was not Jesus' ordinary way of getting around. He did this miracle, like other miracles, to teach his disciples and to show them his power. Jesus is Lord of the laws or the universe - he's in charge of the water, too, so he can walk on it whenever he wants to.

Doesn't this just make you want to go back to Sunday school again?

Did you see that article where someone, I forget his name, is saying that Jesus actually walked on ice because the water was frozen? It was in the news a couple of days ago. I will have to look for it again.

And no thanks about sunday school. LOL

I saw the 'walking on ice' thing... It just made me laugh.... Since when are we supposed to be in the business of coming up with 'explanations' of Biblical miracles..... [shakes head saddly].

Wasn't this story told about 200 years after Jesus' death anyway?

Reminds me of stories my grandfather used to tell of his glory days; when every time I heard the same story, it was always a little more elaborate than the last time I heard it. Perhaps this went from Jesus was found swimming in the ocean to somehow walking on water...perhaps the fisherman were drunk or got into an opium patch, who knows? The bible contains some good humanitarian advice, but I choose to think of the adventure tales as fictional stories...some too greusome for children!

Love your blog, I read it every week.

stardust1954 said,
"...that Jesus actually walked on ice because the water was frozen?

What about the portion of the Biblical story relating that Peter tried unsuccessfully to walk on water, but fell in instead?

I believe that the most plausible explanation for Peter’s fall is that Jesus was wearing ice skates but Peter was either barefoot or at best wearing sandals.
That reminds me of a riddle: Why did Peter fall? Oh, I-C-Y.

Here's the original story.

I'd always thought that there was a dispute about whether JC walked ON the water, or BY the water.
As to that bit about Peter? That's in Matthew.
The least trustworthy of the 4 accounts, is my opinion.
The author was a bumbling incompetent, you ask me. Always slipping shit in under the radar.
As to the ice theory, well, I think that's a bit of a stretch.
Why would they be fishing in an iced over lake, anyways? It'd have to be iced over, for someone to walk across it, wouldn't it?

Hey! Where did ya go?? Hope you are doing well!! Come back soon!

Cassandra - I was wondering the same thing myself.

Freethoughtmom...we miss you and hope all is well with you and your little ones.

I saw a guy named Chun walk on water at the end of the comedy/action movie Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. It was pretty cool.

I saw a guy named Chun walk on water at the end of the comedy/action movie Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. It was pretty cool.
Oh, yeah. That was a good movie. Fred Ward as Remo, Joel Grey as Chiun. Based on the MA novels, The Destroyer series.

Is all well w/you? It's been a while. Hope everything's copacetic.

It's been almost a month now,
And you haven't blogged at all.
Some other blogging atheist
Who lives just down the hall
Will write some neat outrageous thing
On Moses and St. Paul,
And we'll be reading his new blog;
Will you be back by Fall?

The ancient Gnostics thought that the passage in question proved that Jesus must have been a ghost - a position known as "docetism". Either that, or its a metaphor for something.

I love this post! It really underlines the problems Christians get into when they insist that their myths are actual, historical events.

If you said, "Now what does the myth of Jesus walking on water tell us? Why did the gospel writer decide to tell us the story?" Those questions make sense and have rational answers and when answered can make this myth resonate with modern people. Instead, the Biblicists (as I call the Christians who insist on inerrancy) end up defending the impossible and looking like fools.

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If anyone is still out there and concerned, Freethoughtmom is alive and well. She lost access to her account and has gotten caught up in raising two little ones.

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